Laurence Clark, 6510 Farallon Way, Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 595-0785

Hands-on programmer of scripts to automate the Java build and release process, Linux system administration and more. Fifteen years experience coding object-oriented server-side software in Java, C++ and C.


* Maintained template build.xml files to support self-service Ant build creation.
* Skilled at utilizing Eclipse IDE or the Linux command line to support Ant use.
* Maintained legacy builds using Ant and Make.

CVS and Subversion
* Current experience setting up Subversion 1.5 with Apache mod_dav_svn on RHEL5.
* Provided CVS support for a five person development team.
* Trained developers on using CVS from Eclipse and Tortoise.
* Set-up easy access to multiple code branches for the development team.
* Setup Subversion and migrated developers to Subversion on newer projects.

Continuous Integration Tools
* Current experience setting up build servers with Hudson under Tomcat and Apache httpd.
* Current experience setting up Cruise Control and evaluating it against Hudson.
* Created Actor. Actor is an on-demand integration tool that web-enables your build scripts and integrates with other continuous integration tools.

Perl Scripting
* Fluent in the language and core modules -- 4 years current experience.
* Expert at using Perl regular expressions to manipulate Linux files and command output.
* Expert with Perl one-liners that replace sed, awk, grep and other Unix commands.
* Expert at using Perl multi-processing features to create simple yet stable back end apps.
* Expert at moving data between MySQL databases without Perl DBI.

Additional Scripting Languages
* Bash--Maintain numerous Bash scripts for build, deployment and sys-admin automation. Created my own Redhat-specific "init-script" template for running Tomcat and other Java applications.
* Python--Enthusiastic student. Recently coded a data-entry GUI with PyQt.


Cision/Multivision Media Monitoring, Oakland, CA, April 2005 - August 2008
Major video monitoring service for delivery and online management of digital news clips.

Build and Release Engineer
* Automated build and deployment for an in-house web-based Java application using Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL databases.
* Automated monitoring of production servers and applications.
* Coded systems to copy daily data to staging and development servers.
* Organized multiple Java projects for easy build and deployment in the Eclipse IDE and from the Linux command line., Berkeley, CA, January 2004 - April 2005
Internet portal for scheduling, publishing and maintaining school and municipal sports leagues.

Build and Release Engineer
* Handled all systems planning, acquisition, set-up, and support for Linux servers running CVS, Apache, Tomcat and MySQL.
* Wrote new Ant build file and Bash scripts.
* Ported the MSL build and release process from Windows to Linux.

Advisor Software, Lafayette, CA, July 1998 - November 2003
Maker of "Virtual Advisor", an enterprise-level advice delivery platform for financial institutions and individual investors.
Senior Software Engineer

* Coded J2EE-compliant version of Virtual Advisor. Utilized Tomcat, Eclipse, Ant and JUnit.
* Set-up and maintained a new reporting system; coded data transformations in Java which supplied XSLT and FOP with dynamic data required for end-user PDF reports.
* Coded ATL COM objects in Visual C++ 6.0 to create a middle tier for Virtual Advisor.
* Coded SOAP interfaces in C++ to provide data to Java applications.
* Designed and coded an internal thread library which allowed novice programmers to write advanced multi-threaded NT services.
* Created the logical data model and administered the physical database for Virtual Advisor.
* Designed and coded a complete reporting system including an independent report server web site, extensible client code and data model that allowed generalized parameter binding.
* Supervised other programmers as Project Manager on reporting projects.

Success Factor Systems, San Francisco, CA, March 1997 - July 1998
Early stage software firm focusing on human resources software for large companies.
Professional Services Engineer
* Coded and implemented custom reporting solutions for customers on individual consulting projects which generated revenues of $100K each.

No degree yet but progressing towards Bachelors degree completion. My first priority will always be my paid employment. However, I recently completed 20 credit hours of college undergrad biology classes with a 4.0 GPA.

George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Washington, D.C.
Completed junior level classes in Computer Science before leaving the Washington area.

Held secret security clearance for early work assignments in the military and government sectors.